Big Sky Country

We are in Montana after the first day off on our own.  We had a fabulous time in Osoyoos with the group, what a fantastic bunch of people they are.  One couple have waterfront property on Lake Osoyoos with enough hook ups for all the RVs so we spent a couple of days there before heading out, lazed around, swam in the lake, had a couple of happy (appy) hours so a good time was had by all.

Today was a long day, we actually hit 3 states, Washington, Idaho and
Montana, although Idaho was only 1 1/2 hours wide at the top end, so dont know
if that counts, but now we are in Montana I think it will take us 3 days to get
through, its huge.  Oh and we are spending the next couple of nights in a
resort.  But today was supposed to only be 5 hours of driving but ended up being
8 hours and then we lost an hour because of the time change, so didn’t get
settled into this casino parking lot (casino haha, it happens to be a restaurant
with a couple of slot machines in the bar) anyway we get to camp for free so
thats ok. Anyway it was a beautiful drive and I even did about 1\2 hour of
driving myself, I am going to try a bit everyday so that I get used to it and am
able to give Frank a break.  We went through 2 mountain ranges and I am a little
bit confused about which ones they are, Frank seems to  think that we are in the
American rockies.
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One Response to Big Sky Country

  1. whoooaaaaa barb … this sounds like a trip of a lifetime … im soooo looking forward to hearing about it .. are you gonna be posting regular updates ???? i hope so … im very impressed … oh and i think thats really good of you doing some of the driving … and im sure frank will really appreciate it too .. i know firsthand that being the only driver (andy doesnt drive) .. is the absolute pits at times … so good on ya .. try not to spend too much money in the casino .. i laughed when you described that .. happy travelling you lot xx

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