Deer Lodge, Montana

Left Haugan (the casino parking lot) at 10 am, wasn’t impressed with the dinner we had in the restaurant last night, so we decided to have breakfast further down the road.  We found a fabulous place in Superior, MT called “Jackie’s Home Cooking”.  It was in a large old brick school complete with unused gymnasium.  The owners Mike and Jackie had worked for 16 years building motorhomes, then decided to change careers, awesome breakfast.

Back on the road, stopped in Alberton  to use the internet in the library, because we decided we weren’t going to be able to make it to the RV resort that we had reservations for and needed to let them know we would be arriving a day late.

After a brief stop in Missoula, we decided to make it a short driving day and arrived in Deer Lodge before 4pm for an overnight at Indian Creek RV Park.

As soon as we have set up, Frank takes off into Deer Lodge, an old railroad town and sees 2 old railroad locomotives which made his day.  Of course there just happened to be a rare book store there as well so double the enjoyment for Franco.  Barb took it easy and prepared dinner of salmon (tis the season), potatoes and green beans, yummmmm….

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