Rapid City, SD

After quite a short day of driving, we arrived at our “resort” around 3:30.  This time it was definitely a resort, it was one of those buy a membership type of deals.  They let you stay for 3 nights  for $40 in exchange for listening to a sales pitch.  It’s  a pretty sweet deal, there was no pressure at all and the resort is fabulous.

Because we arrived with lots of daylight left, we decided to go visit a couple of memorable spots.

We went to the Crazy Horse monument first, this is unbelieveable, it has been in the making since 1949 when the chief of the Lakota Indians, Standing Bear, commissioned some polish guy to sculp a monument of Crazy Horse, they have refused federal and state level funding, because they want it to be totally a nonprofit, educational and cultural project financed primarily from admission fees.  It is the largest mountain carving now in progress and stands 563ft, the head alone is 871/2 ft.  Very impressive.  When asked why the Indians chose Crazy Horse for the mountain carving, the answer was, that he had never been known to have signed a treaty or touch the pen and when he was asked by a white man “where are your lands now?” he replied “my lands are where my dead lie buried.

After that we drove for 30 minutes to see the amazing statues at Mount Rushmore, what a sight, it was spectacular.  I totally saw myself as Eva Marie Saint but I couldn’t for the life of me talk Frank into acting the role of Cary Grant in North by Northwest.  Seriously thought, it was awesome and probably one of the highlights of my many travels, it is up there with the pyramids.  The detail is fabulous and a feat in artistry.  It took my breath away, we hiked the trail that took us closer to the mountain and the statues and we were able to get some amazing shots from different angles.

Today, after our sales pitch, in which we said thanks, but no thanks, we decided to go to Deadwood, where Wild Bill Hicock lived and died.  The day got off to a bad start when we got in the car and found a huge crack in the windshield.  Off we go to the local Honda dealer and after talking with ICBC and their affiliate in Seattle we arranged to have it replaced tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9am.  Great people, very helpful even though we are not getting it fixed through them.  they are not affiliated with ICBC so have to take it a shop of their recommendation.

Deadwood was a little disappointing, over the top tourist traps and lots of casinos, which was fine with me but a little boring for Frank, but he did make friends with some guy from Wisconsin over a $1 beer.  We were there about 3 hours and then headed back to the “ranch” for yet another salmon dinner.  We are so happy we got the 2 salmon from Ed and Eileen before we left Hope.

Tomorrow after we get the windshield fixed we are going to explore the historic downtown of Rapid City.  So thats it for another update.


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2 Responses to Rapid City, SD

  1. Lynne Ellis says:

    The photos are so good, it’s like I’m there!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Great pictures Barb & Frank! Thanks for sharing with us.

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