South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and finally Ontario

Nothing much to report on our journey through these midwest states, the scenery was beautiful and we drove long hours and just overnighted in parking lots either at a casino or in a walmart.  I did get a chance to play at a couple of of casinos, Prairie Meadows casino and racetrack in Des Moines, Iowa and Hollywood Casino in Joliet, Illinois, lost in the first one and made it back in the second, so all is OK.  Woke up to torrential rain and it continued with us on our journey through Indiana and Michigan.

I drove for the second part of the day today, through most of Michigan and actually drove through Detroit to get to the Ambassador Bridge where we reentered Canada.  We got to my cousin David’s place in Windsor around 4:30 pm, Eileen and Ed were already there, we had a good time catching up and then David and Julia took us to the Keg for a wonderful dinner, a great time was had by all.  David and Julia live in a neat part of Windsor that reminded me of Commercial Drive, their home was built 1896 and they are in the process of renovating it.  My cousin is a skilled carpenter/woodworker (although he doesn’t do this for a living, more of a hobby), the work he has done on the house so far is amazing.

We woke again this morning, September 19 to more torrential rain which continued through the day and is still with us now in Niagara Falls, we are looking forward to seeing the falls tomorrow and according to the weather forecast it is supposed to be sunny and 21 degrees celcius, fingers crossed.

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