Okay so Quebec Province has redeemed itself after the fiasco in Montreal,   I have even forgiven them for having every sign in French.  Quebec City is wonderful, we spent the day on a guided tour of the old city then had the afternoon to explore on our own.  From the cobbled streets to the european architecture and the funicular to get back to the top after the very steep walk down to the lower level, it was a very enjoyable experience.

There was one occasion when we were in a certain square when I could have sworn I was in Innsbruck, Austria.

The plains of Abraham were a little disappointing, this is a place where so much history unfolded and although it is in a park, the place itself is a football field.

I must admit I didn’t know anything of the history surrounding Quebec, even though Frank tried his hardest to encourage and educate me I just thought the French were whiners.  But now I know that the French arrived and settled here in 1608 more than 150 years before the British.  But the British being who they are, they just wanted to rule the whole world and so in 1759 the Battle of the Plains of Abraham happened and the French were defeated.

After the Treaty of Paris was signed ending the war, the British granted the citizens of Quebec the right to retain their religion and their culture.  Although this doesn’t really excuse the fact that every sign is in French and the citizens speak nothing but French, Quebec is still part of Canada after all.  It goes a long way to explaining it.  There endeth the lesson.

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