New England

Ok everyone, its been a while since I have posted a blog, we have been having way too much fun and there are not enough hours in the day or days when we actually have internet.  But here we go with an update, not a complete update but an update nevertheless.  It covers our time in New England from Maine to Massachutsetts.


So here we are October 6, we are having such a good time here in New England that I haven’t had a chance to update the blog since we left Quebec City on September 26.

We had a 2 hour drive to the border and another 31/2 hours to our next campsite.  Smooth sailing through the Quebec/Maine border.  Maine is gorgeous, rolling, wooded hills stretching away to the far horizon.  Lots of small lakes in the distance, shimmering blue under the clear warm sky.   We stop for lunch at a view point overlooking the Kennebec Watershed, interesting because the border was determined by which way the waters in the watershed divided into two separate watersheds, US and Canada.

After lunch we continue on our way through quaint little towns in back country Maine till we arrive at our “home” for the next 4 days, the Pumpkin Patch RV Park, a really nice, well
kept resort, which, because we belong to PassportAmerica only cost us $16 a night.

Our New England adventure begins on September 27 with a trip into Bangor, ME.  Not
really a lot there, the main street was just like a lot of main streets in the US everything
having been eaten up with larger malls.  There were a couple of little shops and antique stores that kept us busy for an hour or two.  The real New England is in the smaller towns and villages.

September 28 sees us on a little road trip to Bar Harbor (or Bah Hahbah) as it is said here.

It is situated on the island known as MountDesert.  It is a beautiful drive in spite of the overcast skies.  With white painted, clapboard houses and sedate rolling country side.  We reach our destination in about 1 1/2 hours.  It’s a lovely eastern seaport town, lots of lobster restaurants; I fall in love with the place.

We stroll the shops and buy a fleece jacket for Frank, because he left his other one in Hope before we left.  I wanted a memento but couldn’t decide what, so I left it until we had
lunch.  We found a fabulous waterfront restaurant and were seated on the balcony, overlooking the Atlantic.  What a feast we had, because it was lunch we decided to share, clam chowder, a whole lobster, mussels, corn, and potatoes followed by blueberry pie and whipped cream.  It was very satisfying.

After lunch we went back to one of the first shops we had been in and I bought my memento, a print depicting a Bar Harbor lighthouse.  We then took a bus ride through Acadia National Park.  The heavens had opened and we were glad to be in the bus, but even though it was a downpour, the drive was beautiful, we drove through the park with lots of views of the rugged Atlantic coastline.  We drive home in the rain and arrive back thoroughly exhausted but pleasantly satisfied with a fabulous day.

Friday, September 30 we finally are in touch with Ed and Eileen, they have completed their time in PEI and are headed into Maine.  We decide to meet at our next port of call a
small town called Rockport on the coast of Maine.  The journey is absolutely delightful, we travelled though some colourful countryside via secondary roads and arrived at our rv resort in early afternoon, we had just come through a small seaside town that had some
interesting book stores, so after hooking everything up, Frank went back to explore the town and do some “antiquing” while I had some r and r at the camp.  Ed and Eileen arrive a couple of hours later and we spend the rest of the day and evening catching up on our
respective travels.  We have decided that we are going to spend the next few weeks travelling together until our different interests separate us again.  In the meantime it is nice to have them with us, we have some fun nights playing cards and of course share the odd tipple or two.

Still in Mainewe travel to a Portland, I have discovered there is a Trader Joe’s there and I am anxious for some good cheese and of course a case of two-buck chuck.  We spend the day travelling in the rain on mostly secondary roads until we happen upon the Maine
turnpike and have to stop every few miles or so to pay the “tolls”.  We have decided that because we are just travelling through, to spend the night courtesy of Walmart.  Nothing very exciting, we hole up in our motor home, drink wine, play cards and off to bed.

The next day we continue our journey from Maine into Massechusetts, it should have been a 3 ½ hour drive, but of course I decided that because we are so close, we should go into Salem and check out the “witches museum”.  We get lost a couple of times, but finally make our way into the narrow, crowded streets of Salem.  A really bad idea with two motor homes, one of them towing a car.  We end up driving in circles and after about an hour finally manage to make our way out of the town.  So back on track, by now about 1 ½ hours behind our schedule.  Little did I know, the little excursion, took us off our route and we ended up on a highway that took us right through the centre of Boston.

OMG I don’t know what was worse this or the day we tried to drive through Montreal.  The only saving grace was that this was a Sunday afternoon, but still it was a nightmare.
We ended up on a road that took us to a tunnel, right in the centre of town, not only was it a toll tunnel, we shouldn’t have been there, because we had propane on our vehicle and it was prohibited.  We were told to park off to the side and a state trooper showed up to escort us through the tunnel, he told us how to get back on the right road.  Unfortunately
his directions were not very helpful and Frank and I ended up going round in
circles and ended up going back over the same ground, through 3 more tunnels and paying more tolls.  By the time theday was over we had paid over $30 in tolls.

We did eventually get back on the right road, and we arrived at our campsite about 4 hours later than we thought we would.  Ed and Eileen were already there, even though
their experience coming through Boston, was just about as bad as ours.  I apologize profusely for suggesting the drive to Salem.  We are thoroughly exhausted and ready for some down time.  Perfect timing seeing as how we are here for 5 nights.


On our first full day in Massachusetts, we explore Cape Cod, we take off in “Little Willie” (the name we have given our car) our first stop being Falmouth, a small town on the Cape, we stroll the shops, some unique and some very predictable, but we end up buying a couple of things and we continue on to Hyannis, and we stop for coffee and muffins in Hyannisport, of the Kennedy’s fame.  We do some driving around the area looking for the “compound”, we can’t be sure we found it but we probably caught a glimpse of it from a distance.  The houses are beautiful, can see why the wealthy flock to this area in the summertime.

Back on the road and we continue to drive to the very tip of the “hook” of Cape Cod, a town called Provincetown, not very much there but the scenery was spectacular.  We take a more direct route home and arrive back in time for dinner at Chez “Big Willie” (our motor home).

The next day, for some reason I sleep until 10am, we were supposed to go into Boston today, but it was a little late so we drive to Plymouth instead.  We see Plymouth Rock, which we decide is a little disappointing, it’s about the size of a coffee table and had
been moved several times and doubt exists regarding its authenticity.  We visited a recreation of an Indian village and the first English settlement, there were actors in period costumes and it was really well put together.

We also visited a full size replica of the Mayflower, built in England and sailed to America in 1957.  We strolled around the shopping district, then headed home, another good day on our trip.

Day 3 in Mass, we are up at 6:30 and drive to a commuter train station and join the hordes of workers heading into the city for our day in Boston.  The journey was just over an hour and we arrive at South Station and buy tickets for a hop on-hop off bus tour combined with a harbour tour.  We took in downtown Boston, and the Cambridge area with a visit to Harvard and M.I.T.  It was a bittersweet to drive by Boston Garden, but Frank was delighted to see a bronze statue of Bobby Orr depicting his famous victory flight.  We also got to see the famous “Cheers” bar.  One day was certainly not enough time to see and do everything we wanted, but we got a taste of what we would like to see next time.

We all met up again at 5pm for our return train trip back to pick up the car and drive back to the camp.  We decide to have a day just “chilling” and the next day we got caught
up on chores; laundry, rearranging and general clean up.  A good end to our time in Massechutsetts.  That was back on Oct 6.

Will continue with the next update over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.


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2 Responses to New England

  1. Lynne Ellis says:

    Blueberry pie and cream mmmmmmmm x

  2. Bonnie says:

    Happy New Year Frank & Barb. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures when you get back.


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