Looking for Fall Colours in Vermont and New Hampshire

We left Massachusettson Saturday, Oct 8 and headed back north towards New Hampshire and Vermont.  The colours are late coming out this year, just our luck, but we are going in search of them via Hwy 91 inVermont.

We spent the night as guests of Wal-Mart in Brattleboro, VT and the next day Ed, Eileen and I drove 50 miles north on Hwy 91 looking for some change in the colours, they were fabulous and we found a really small town called Windsor, that had the longest two span covered bridge built in 1866.  We left Frank exploring the town of Brattleboro, just his kind
of place, lots of book stores and an antique mall.

The weather has been very kind to us, very warm, 80 degreesF and under a cloudless sky.

That night we decided to treat ourselves to dinner in a restaurant that was recommended to us by the bartender in the local legion.  It was called “Gilley’s”, a casual place, which was good because no one had dressed up.  E and E had lobster and Frank and I had seafood linguine it was wonderful.  We are definitely getting spoiled with this New England food.


We leave the next day for Connecticut and an RV campground in a really cool town called Old Mystic.  Once again the weather is lovely, hot and sunny it really is an extended summer.  We have finally found the foliage we have been looking for, and Eileen and I are happy to be passengers taking in the beautiful scenery.

We pass through a couple of large cities and through 4 different states, Springfield, MA;
and Hartford, CT as well as Vermont and New Hampshire.  We travel along the coast and are reminded of the US Naval Submarine presence here.  We finally arrive at the campground and find that E and E had arrived an hour earlier.   We are pleasantly surprised with the RV park; it has wide grassy sites, friendly people and musical
entertainment in the evening.

We were only supposed the stay one night but we felt so at home that we stayed for three.  The next day, Monday, Oct 10, we take a drive around the area and find a couple of huge
casinos.  OMG it reminded me of Vegas, there were so many people and the noise level was overwhelming, it wasn’t enjoyable at all.

The following day Ed and Eileen decide to just have an R and R day at the RV so Frank and I drive to Newport, RI to see the “Gilded Age” mansions.  We saw two; The Breakers and Marble House both owned by the Vanderbilt’s.  Fabulous exteriors and interiors but we came away with mixed emotions, the conspicuous consumption to impress and on the other hand, the poverty of the time.  But the settings were fabulous, right on the edge of cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  We arrive back at camp late so just pick up Chinese food for dinner.

The next day was one of two transition days, we are headed towards Washington, DC but we know its going to take us a couple of days to get there.  We are on I95 South headed to Pennsylvania.  The route takes us through New York City, it was OK but extremely slow going over the George Washington Bridge which was a virtual parking lot.  We dealt with the usual tolls and bad roads but we make it through catching glimpses of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings in the distance.  We finally make it over the bridge into New Jersey and then finally to our stop for the night courtesy of Wal-Mart.  Another day of traversing 4 states in one day (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania).

Day 2 of the transition takes us to Delaware.  It was an uneventful 3 hour drive and we take advantage of the free parking in a casino, we have a couple of hours of free entertainment and Ed Eileen and I all end up ahead of the game at the end of the day.

Yeah, the day has finally come; we are headed to Washington, DC.  The closest RV Park we can find is 45 minutes south in Stafford, VA.  The park is called AquiaPines and it’s in a park like setting.  We arrive before the double E’s and I start the never ending laundry so that it’s done and we can enjoy being in Washington.

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