New Mexico and Colorado

We are now headed toward Cortez in Colorado, its going to be another 5-8 hour day and we both really are not looking forward to it. We try to get hold of E and E because we are meeting them in Colorado. All morning we can’t get them, until finally Eileen answers the phone and they are in Farmington, NM. That is just about 15 miles ahead of us and we tell them to wait there. We meet up with them after getting lost a couple of times and the four of us decide to spend the next two nights there. We find an RV park that is called
“Mom and Pops RV park”, it was right out of the 60s, but it was fabulous and although very dated, it was clean with lots of pressure and hot water in the showers.

Once we get settled Frank and I and Eileen head off to see some Aztec Ruins just outside of town. They are in the process of being excavated but a lot of it had already been done.  They date back to the 10th century and we find them very interesting.

Our next stop is the following day and is Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, where we had the privilege to see some of the cliff dwellings where the Ancestral Pueblo people made their homes in the overhanging cliffs in the canyons for over 700 years, from A.D. 600 to A.D. 1300.

Its an 1 1/2 hour drive from our RV park and we leave around 10:30.  Once we arrive at the entrance to the park we take advantage of the Annual Pass we had bought which gets 4 people into all the National Parks for $80.  The ranger tells us to continue to the visitors centre which is 20 miles into the park itself.  Off we go and soon realize that this is going to be quite the drive.  We go up to an elevation of 7000 ft on switchback roads and sheer drop offs but with the most beautiful scenery you could imagine.  I am driving and have been told in no uncertain terms by Frank and Eileen that I am not allowed to take my eyes of the road to look, so I have to make do with the OMG’s and wow thats amazing.  I will get my turn on the way down.

We arrive at the visitors center and were told by the ranger to have a look round the visitors center then go off to view one of the cliff dwellings just off to the left and then to drive the two 6 mile loops for other vantage points.

When we go to look at the cliff dwelling, we find that we have to walk to the bottom of the canyon which we did with the help of a paved path that switchbacked all the way to the bottom, which wasn’t bad.  The site on the way down and at the bottom was amazing.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.  The walk back to the top of the canyon was a lot more strenuous but we all get there finally.  Back to the car for the drive around the top of the mesa to find the two loops for more photo opportunities.

On the way back down to the road, Frank drove and I got to see what all the fuss was about on the way up.  They weren’t kidding, the view was absolutely amazing, the camera just didn’t do it justice.  We get home around 6:30 and Frank and I go to the Olive Garden for dinner, it was fabulous as usual.  Another successful day on our adventure.


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