Onward through Middle America

The next few days are just travel days, we leave Mississippi for a brief journey again through Memphis so that we can take the bridge into Arkansas.  We are not really interested in anything to see here so after an overnight stay once again courtesy of Walmart we continue through Arkansas into Oklahoma.

We have just about caught up with the double “E”s there are a day ahead of us and we plan on meeting up with them in a place called Shawnee just outside of Oklahoma City.  We have found a casino that allows RV camping complete with water and electricity so we meet there.  Not a lot happening but Frank finds Shawnee to be an interesting town, they have a railroad museum so he spends an afternoon there, while I amuse myself in the casino.  Ed and Eileen leave ahead of us again and we plan on meeting near the four corners in New Mexico.  I have a very successful afternoon at the casino so we leave Oklahoma ahead of ourselves and continue into Texas.

We have heard from E and E and they had a terrible drive through Oklahoma into Texas, the winds were so bad that they pulled off the road and spent the night in a motel in Shamrock, Texas.  So we were a little concerned about our drive the next day.

While getting ready to leave this morning we encounter a few minor mishaps.  After Frank disconnected the electric hookup, an alarm went off and we had no battery power at all.  I call Frank in and we set to work trying to find out what was wrong.  Frank gets one manual and I get the other and we retrace our steps, after some head scratching I come across a photo in the manual that shows a switch that I had seen before. Lo and behold the switch which was right by the door near the floor had been pushed to off instead of aux.  So with that fixed we continue on.  Just need one last pee break but find that the bathroom door has locked itself, Frank had had enough for one day and this was before we even set off.  So I do my thing, which was really not a lot of anything except wiggling the handle, but it worked and we can finally get on the road.

This is going to be a 5 hour driving day and with the potty stops and lunch makes it almost 8 hours.  We are pleasantly surprised that the weather than Ed and Eileen experienced has passed by so our drive was uneventful.  What can I say about western Oklahoma and Texas, its big, its flat and its boring.  So when arrive at our RV park in Amarillo, we are happy to find they have an indoor pool and hot tub which we take advantage of.  The nasty cold that Ed started with in Washington DC has made the rounds through Eileen then Frank and finally to me.  So the soak in the hot tub was wonderful.  The people at the RV park try and talk us into going to the local restaurant where there are people who try to down a 72oz steak along with salad, potatoes and desert and if they complete it in an hour they get it for free.  If they dont finish the dinner costs $78.  As interesting as it sounds, we take a miss on it and settle in for an early night.

We leave early the next morning because its another 5 – 8 hour driving day and the Texas terrain is getting to me.  Frank and I amuse ourselves with word games just to pass the time, there is absolutely nothing to look at except flatness as far as the eye can see.

We do eventually make it through and into New Mexico, but once again the terrain doesn’t change until we get closer to our stop for the night just outside Albuqueque where we finally see some hills, yeahhhh.  Another one nighter, but I have found out there is a Trader Joe’s in Albuqueque and my stash of two buck chuck is quickly dimishing and needs to be replenished.  Frank doesn’t feel like going out after the long drive so I put myself in the hands of the GPS and off I go.  Albuqueque is a lovely town, very southwest as you can imagine.  But is it so clean, the roads are well marked and it was no problem getting to Trader Joe’s and back.  Danielle, there isn’t a day goes by that we don’t thank god for your gift of the GPS two christmases ago.  It has been a godsend.

We are getting close to the “piece de resistance” of the trip for me.  The rock formations in and around the four corners.  New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.


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One Response to Onward through Middle America

  1. Lynne Ellis says:

    haha I see what you mean by the flat boring terrain!

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