Four Corners and Monument Valley

By “special request” the following post is being written by Frank the reserve blogger. Well, we’re leaving our pleasant little lost in the 60’s RV resort at Farmington on a cold brisk morning in convoy with Ed and Eileen. We are in the lead as their sat nav is having a hissy fit.

We are driving through some pretty fantastic scenery, red rock plateaux, massive rock formations rising out of the ground, like Ship Rock, which we see in the distance.  From
certain angles it looks like an old sailing ship, a galleon perhaps, sails set.

Question: How can you be in four states at the same time? Answer: visit the ” Four Corners monument where the “corners” of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado touch. It’s a plaque set into the ground marking the exact location where the corners of each state touch. Nothing much else, however, it’s a wide open plain with the usual strong winds.

We arrive at Monument Valley in the Navajo Tribal Lands where we will be parked for the night camping. It  is really just a small gravel parking area.  But, we are surrounded by the desert and more unique red rock formations.  Its cold and windy in the desert and later
that night it really picks up. But we don’t care, after a good dinner in the nearby Navajo resort complex, a hotel, restaurant and museum. There are a few other motor homes here, and amazingly, a couple in a tent braving the cold winds.  We are joined by one of the local dogs, a friendly little guy who seems to have appointed himself as our temporary guardian. We see him sitting between our two motor homes and in the morning he is still there, ready to greet us.  I have decided to name him Shep.

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One Response to Four Corners and Monument Valley

  1. RTherien says:

    Good job Frankie!! That is too funny! Being the alternate blogger that is. We got a good chuckle over that one. So, are you adopting the dog? He kinda looks like Sassy……!!
    Not much new here – the rains are settling in, and possible S N O W for the weekend – yuk.
    We are counting our days to our Mexico vacation.
    Ciao for now, and give our regards to E & E.

    Ron & Linda

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