Utah National Parks

The “alternate” blogger returns for another guest appearance! Well, we reach Moab,
Utah after an easy 3 hour drive from Monument Valley. First thing we do is settle into
our RV resort (can’t decide if they are resorts or camps) some have all the luxuries of a vacation resort; others have just the basic amenities. This one is in between, its comfortable, sites are private and the showers and facilities are good.

We originally planned a 2 night stay, but stayed 4 nights to avoid some nasty snowy weather on our route. The nearby attractions are 2 national parks, Arches and Canyonlands. After our first day of settling in and just relaxing, we spend the whole second day exploring Arches. The park is immense, and the views of stone arches; teetering boulders and high bluffs are breathtaking. Hope the attached images give some idea of the grandeur of this place.  There aren’t very many images of the Arches National Park because Barb forgot to put the memory card back in the camera.  But the images we did manage to get we think are pretty spectacular.

The opportunities for hiking and primitive camping here are endless; this is truly a vast wilderness area.

The next day, we visit Canyonlands, and all the above comments about Arches apply. One difference though, the viewpoints seem to offer vistas that are even more far reaching than those in the Arches. You can see the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers and the deep gorges they have cut in the landscape. Surprisingly, there is a small campground which can accommodate large RV’s. Somewhat unexpected. Some of the viewpoints are at a high elevation, around 7,000 feet. We actually encounter light snow on the drive up to one of them.

Barb and I take a one mile rugged hike to one of the viewpoints, a look out on top of a high bluff which yields views of far off mesas and deep gorges, and what some geologists claim is an impact crater as a result of a hit by a large meteor or comet. Here, the striations in the landscape are bent and twisted upwards, so something pretty cataclysmic happened here.

I found some time to explore in and around Moab. It’s a town almost totally geared to river rafting, hiking, ATV tours and other outdoor activities. If it weren’t for the nearby parks, it probably wouldn’t exist.  Although, surprisingly, it has a rare book store. Go figure.

So, back at our “home’ for a nice dinner with some “3-buck-chuck” (wine, that is) and a relaxing round of cards.

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One Response to Utah National Parks

  1. Lynne Ellis says:

    WOW! (It’s a recurring theme!) I half expected to see Apache indians chasing a wagon train somewhere in your photos.

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