This will probably be the last blog in a while as the “discovery” part of our trip is over and the next segment of our trip will be through more familiar territory (although I am sure there will be adventures along the way.)

We left our somewhat creepy RV camp in Mexican Hat (Utah) just next to Monument Valley.  It was a gravel lot behind a restaurant and we were the only ones there. Our
next destination is Williams, our gateway to the Grand Canyon, for us, one of the supreme highlights of our journey.

We reach our RV resort, settle in, and then explore Williams. It’s what |I consider to be a genuine relic from the heyday of the old route 66, the ‘Mother Road” from Chicago to LA. It’s got the old diners and motels, and it’s not yet gone completely touristy. Tomorrow, the Grand Canyon.

What an awesome day today!  The Grand Canyon is our destination and it’s just an hour’s drive from our RV resort in Williams, Arizona. The weather is cooperating today, sunny and cold, with evidence of a recent snowfall all around.  We’re at an elevation of about 7,000 feet so the weather can change quickly. We have time to walk around and take in the views from the lookout points; it takes your breath away.

All too soon, its time to head to the nearby airport for our helicopter tour over the canyon. We board, there are 6 people including the pilot. We lift off, a strange sensation for both Barb and I (yes, it’s the alternate blogger yet again) as this is the first time in a helicopter for both of us.  And what a sensation when the pilot, flying low over the forested ground
below, suddenly approaches the forest edge and then the big drop-off as we fly over the south rim of the canyon. All of a sudden, from being several hundred feet above the ground, we are now a mile above the canyon floor. We see the Colorado and the little Colorado twisting through their narrow gorges, and dramatic cliffs rising above.  The play of shadow and light in the different parts of the canyon adds to the overall impression, the grandeur of this place.  Our ride is only about an hour and we are soon heading back to the
helicopter airport.  Even on the drive back “home” we are still awestruck by what we have seen.

For both of us, this has been the high point (literally and figuratively) of our RV adventure so far.

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